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The 180 Tape Holder is a tool that you can place on your wrist to hold tape.  Place a roll of tape onto the holder which can be easily removed and replaced.    

What is the 180 Tape Holder?

This is not a tape dispenser; it is just a tape holder.  The 180 Tape Holder is designed to keep in mind the natural motion of when you use tape.  In hard-to-mask areas or using masking tape on a ladder, the 180 Tape Holder becomes a useful device. 

Is this a tape dispenser?

The 180 Tape Holder can be paced on your forearm or wrist.  There is multiple adjustments to fit most arm or wrist sizes.  You can also strap the 180 Tape Holder to a ladder. 

Where can the 180 Tape Holder be placed?

The strap is a stretchable velcro fabric made from polyester/nylon blend.  

What is the fabric strap made of?

If the center diameter is 3 inches, then the 180 Tape Holder will hold tape that has 0.75 inch width to a 2 inch width.  You can use it to hold painters tape and masking tape.    

What type of tape is the 180 Tape Holder used for?

There are multiple adjustments that allow the size to be made for a person with a larger or small arm.   

Will the 180 Tape Holder fit my forearm or wrist?

The 180 Tape Holder eliminates the inconvenient ways of holding a roll of tape, such as, sliding your wrist through the center hole of the tape or using your mouth.  The 180 Tape Holder will solve your random tape placement problems and make it easier for you to hold your roll of tape.  

Why should I use the 180 Tape Holder?

Residential and commercial painters, construction workers, automotive painters, aircraft painters, boat or ship painters and anyone who is using masking tape for their projects.  

Who uses the 180 Tape Holder?

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